Supporting care homes with digital resources through Covid-19

As a result of Covid-19, many patients and care home residents with dementia were no longer able to see their friends and family. The Healthy ageing and Tech team set about doing secondary research into digital dementia friendly activities and produced a short guide.

Project overview

In south London, 377 (61%) of 621 homes are registered for older people or people with dementia. In April 2020, staff struggled to keep patients and residents with dementia occupied, on top of their own care duties, at a time when staff absence was also high due to the coronavirus. People who usually went into care homes to run dementia friendly activities were no longer allowed.

The Health Innovation Network (HIN) identified this issue early during the pandemic. Team members researched digital dementia friendly activities in collaboration with Contact Help Advice and Information Network (CHAIN) and produced a short guide outlining a broad range of activities that fit with different hobbies and interests.

The team also contacted Google Chrome, who donated a number of tablets for older adult mental health inpatient settings in south London. Some of the most accessible dementia friendly links (one click) have now been included on six digital devices currently being piloted in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. In September and October 2020, the HIN is providing a light touch evaluation of the pilot with patients and staff to inform their future use.

“Keep up the fantastic work. What you and your colleagues are doing for your residents/patients, particularly under these difficult circumstances, is inspirational ”CHAIN dementia subgroup member

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Key achievements

  • The team received over 30 emails with suggestions for activities to be included in the guide.
  • So far the guide has been downloaded 1,299 times.
  • Tweets about the guide have created 10,305 impressions on Twitter.