Transforming Services During Covid-19 and Beyond

Conversations with experts in implementation and improvement science

Conversations exploring how the fields of implementation and improvement science can be practically useful in transforming services in the Covid-19 recovery period (and beyond).

These sessions were organised by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) South London and the Health Innovation Network in collaboration with King’s Health Partners.

You will learn:

  • How to implement changes to your service
  • Different approaches to evaluating changes implemented in your service
  • What to consider and how to decide whether or not to keep any changes going
  • How to keep an implemented change going.
  • Episode 1 – Rapid Insight Programme
  • Episode 2 – Turnaround times for Covid testing
  • Episode 3 – Provision of care for critically ill patients
  • Episode 4 – Securing children’s permanence
  • Episode 5 – Supporting our workforce during COVID-19

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