Digital Outpatients Collaborative

    January 23, 2018

    Digital Outpatients Collaboratives Recruiting NHS Trusts in London

    Building on the success of their Digital Outpatients event in 2017, DigitalHealth.London, in partnership with NHS Improvement are launching two new Digital Outpatient Collaboratives. The deadline for applications is 31 January 2018.

    Digital Outpatient Collaboratives will provide expert help to NHS Trusts within London who are working on Digital Outpatient Projects. These projects can be focused on many themes such as reducing DNA Rates, providing virtual consultations, or helping patients to self-care and self-manage outside of the traditional clinic setting. The team at DigitalHealth.London will support project teams within the Trusts by providing coaching, time and knowledge, helping teams to manage resources, evaluate their projects and share results and learnings.

    The collaboratives will assist trusts to accelerate the shift to digital outpatient transformation, in line with the Five Year Forward View and Carter Review. They will run in parallels, with one focusing on Virtual Consultations whilst the other focuses on Steamlining Outpatient Services.

    Joining is free and open to all Trusts, though places are limited. If you have a digital outpatient project, email to see how they can support you and submit your application.