Joint Pain Advice

A new model of care for chronic joint pain.

Recognised by NICE as an excellent example of how NICE guidance and standards are being put into practice, our Joint Pain Advice (JPA) model of care is a safe and cost effective alternative to GP consultations. Involving a series of face-to-face consultations, Advisors work collaboratively with people with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis and/or back pain, focusing on supporting self-management.

NB: The model was previously called Joint Pain Advisor but was changed in 2019 to recognise that Joint Pain Advice can be delivered by a range of professionals as part of their existing role.  Many related resources continue to use the older term.

Using behavioural change techniques Advisors work with individuals to discuss their lifestyle, challenges and goals, and begin to alter people’s health beliefs about joint pain and impact on healthy behaviour and lifestyles. They jointly develop a care plan which includes tailored advice and support based on NICE guidelines e.g.:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Effective pain management
  • Exercises (strength & balance)
  • Social prescribing and sign-posting to appropriate services (community exercise groups, physiotherapy, pharmacists for pain management advice, weight management groups, smoking cessation, mental health support)


Evaluation shows improvements in clinical outcomes for people who have access to JPA e.g. reduction in pain , increase in function and ability to carry out activities of daily living, improvements in mental wellbeing as well as fewer GP consultations and reduction in referrals to diagnostics.

“I was struggling with my journey to work and was taking sick leave. I was able to continue working.”
“I was given advice and exercises that have transformed my mobility…I feel mentally so positive.”
“The advisor worked with me, she wasn’t lecturing me, she was asking questions ‘what do you think you can do’ and by the time I left her I felt very empowered, that I had to change.”

For further information on Joint Pain Advice please contact Sally Irwin, Project Manager for MSK services at the Health Innovation Network.