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Stroke Prevention

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia affecting around 1.73% of the population in England¹,². Across London AF is under-detected, with an estimated 69,000 adults currently undiagnosed¹, AF is a major risk factor for stroke, with untreated AF increasing the risk of stroke fivefold. Strokes associated with AF, are often more severe, with higher mortality and greater disability.

A reduction in stroke can be achieved through improving detection of the condition, initiating anticoagulation therapy where appropriate and optimising treatment of the condition. We aim to work with local CCGs and providers to:

  • Support improved detection of AF in the population
  • Improve the quality of life of adults with atrial fibrillation
  • Promote initiation of appropriate anticoagulant therapies in those at risk of stroke
  • Optimise anticoagulation therapy to ensure maximum reduction in stroke risk with minimum risk of bleeding and allow patients to be involved in decision making as per NICE guidance (QS93 July 2015)²
QOF Quality and outcomes framework data 2015-2016
NICE quality standards for AF

Stroke Prevention Projects

Single time point case finding for Atrial Fibrillation: A review of methods of delivery and devices

Community of Practice series

Commissioning of an effective anticoagulation patient pathway

Local CCG support and case finding

AF Awareness Raising

Pan-London AF Programme and Toolkit

The Team

Faye Edwards

Senior Project Manager, Stroke Prevention

Nayda Hamedi

Primary Care Pharmacist, Stroke Prevention

Gemma Robinson

Darzi Fellow, Stroke Prevention

Laura Spratling

Programme Director, Stroke Prevention

Laura studied modern languages at Cambridge and joined the NHS as a management trainee in 2009. Since then she has held various hospital management roles as well as working in commissioning and at the Department of Health. Laura recently volunteered for 6 months at Connaught Hospital Freetown with the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership.

Helen Williams

Clinical Director, Stroke Prevention

Krystal Wong

Project Support Officer, Stroke Prevention

Krystal is the Project Support Officer for the Diabetes, Stroke Prevention, Healthy Ageing and Patient Experience themes at the Health Innovation Network. She holds a BSc in Health Sciences and has a strong interest in health promotion and community development. Previously, she worked for various non-profit organisations including Diabetes Canada on a Type 2 diabetes prevention/healthy eating and cooking programme.

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