Our year at a glance


Welcome to our 2018-19 digital Annual Review. We invite you to explore examples of our work that best showcase what we do here at the Health Innovation Network (HIN), and why we do it.

Our values of being brave, kind, open, different and together underpin our work on our three strategic goals – to improve lives, drive down costs and stimulate economic growth.

2018-19 has been a significant year for the HIN as the first year of a new five-year licence period, with the Academic Health Science Networks (ASHNs) now commissioned by three national bodies: NHS England, NHS Improvement and the Office of Life Sciences.

The new funding agreement has brought an explicit requirement for collaboration across the 15 AHSNs, the major element of this being the delivery of seven national innovation programmes. Each of the seven programmes takes an innovation with patient and system benefits that has delivered results in one or more AHSNs, and spreads these innovations systematically across England via the network of 15 AHSNs.

Our Achievements

  • We have successfully supported the adoption of these innovations in our local community to benefit south London residents and patients. We are also delighted that one of the selected national programmes is ESCAPE-pain. This is a local innovation to help people to manage chronic knee and/or hip pain, which the HIN has supported for a number of years, and has also received support from Versus Arthritis. Our MSK team are now leading the national implementation, which has seen over 4,300 people in England benefit during 2018/19.

  • Our achievements include ensuring all 10 maternity units in south London participated in the PReCePT programme aimed at reducing the risk of cerebral palsy in pre-term births, and the uptake of 400 new devices across all 12 south London boroughs to improve the detection of atrial fibrillation, enabling treatment which reduces the risk of disabling or fatal strokes.

  • Our skilled and experienced team have built the HIN’s strong reputation, and we have grown due to additional work commissioned by members and stakeholders during 2018-19. Our growing and expanding team has been actively involved in co-designing our organisational values and vision, to define clearly what it means to be a member of the HIN team, and why we believe in our work so passionately.

Our Vision

We want a future where health and care innovation spreads fast. We’re building it by connecting people with great ideas, inspiring people to think differently and giving them practical support to do something new. Together, we can create a future where everyone benefits from the best in health and care.



pulse rhythm checks taken using new mobile ECG devices


people benefitted from
ESCAPE-pain in south London


innovators supported
April 18 – March 19


cases of Cerebral Palsy in south London estimated to have been prevented thanks to PReCePT in south London