The MedTech Funding Mandate

The MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM) policy aims to support getting effective and innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital products to patients faster.

This mandate will pilot with four former Innovation and Technology Payment  (ITP) products from 1st April 2021. The chosen products are NICE approved and were selected as they met the criterion of being effective, cost-saving, affordable and capable of delivering material savings to the NHS.

The technologies that will be supported by the policy in 2021/22 are:

  1. Placental growth factor based testing – a blood test to rule out pre-eclampsia in pregnant women
  2. SecurAcath – for securing percutaneous catheters
  3. HeartFlow – creates a 3D model of a patient’s coronary arteries and assesses the extent and location of blockages
  4. gammaCore – a handheld device that alleviates the symptoms of severe cluster headaches

The HIN will be working with suppliers to supports South London trusts with the new and continued use of the MTFM innovations.

Find out more about these innovations below or explore our other work in bringing proven innovation to South London stakeholders on our Innovation page.

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