The MedTech Funding Mandate

The MedTech Funding Mandate aims to support getting effective and innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital products to patients in the NHS faster.

This mandate was piloted with four former Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) products from 1st April 2021, with further products expected to be added to the mandate each April, where they meet set criteria. The chosen products are NICE approved and were selected as they are effective, cost-saving, affordable and capable of delivering material savings to the NHS.

Our aim is to work closely with commissioners, providers and patient groups to support the continued and wider use of these technologies, ultimately improving access for patients.

The technologies that will be supported by the policy in 2022/23 are:

Benign prostatic hyperplasia – also referred to as prostate gland enlargement – can cause urinary tract, bladder and kidney problems. The four innovations listed give patient access to less invasive treatments.

  • Urolift – an implant used to treat lower urinary tract symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate.
  • GreenLight XPS – a device that uses a laser to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate
  • Rezum – a device that uses water vapour to destroy excess prostate tissue
  • PLASMA system – uses electrodes to cut out prostate tissue, whilst stopping local bleeding

XprESS multi-sinus dilation system – a balloon that helps widen the sinuses and relieve symptoms of sinusitis.

Thopaz+ portable digital system – a digital chest drain that allows patients to stay mobile during treatment

Spectra Optia – an automated red blood cell exchange system used to treat sickle cell disease


These technologies are in addition to those already supported by the policy in 2021/22, which will continue to be supported:

  1. Placental growth factor based testing – a blood test to rule out pre-eclampsia in pregnant women
  2. SecurAcath – for securing percutaneous catheters
  3. HeartFlow – creates a 3D model of a patient’s coronary arteries and assesses the extent and location of blockages
  4. gammaCore – a handheld device that alleviates the symptoms of severe cluster headaches

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