Thopaz+ portable digital system

A nurse talks to a woman in a wheelchair in an hospital corridor

Thopaz+ is a portable digital chest drain system, allowing patients who have had pulmonary resection, or a collapsed lung need a chest drain to stay mobile during their treatment, reducing drainage time and the length of hospital stay compared to conventional analogue drainage units using wall suction. NICE guidance MTG37.

Project overview

Thopaz+ is both a chest drainage and monitoring system designed to be compact, lightweight and portable. The device provides regulated negative pressure and continuously monitors and records air leak and fluid drainage using sensors in the system, that turn the pump on and off to ensure that pressure levels are precisely maintained. Patient mobility and postoperative healing are improved, which shortens hospital stay.

Our aim is to support providers to secure funding for the on-going use of this technology through the MedTech Funding Mandate policy, and to support providers who are interested in implementing its use within their setting.

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