Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) Programme (closed)

The 2020/21 ITP programme supports NHS England’s commitment to accelerate the adoption and spread of proven and affordable innovations. The programme removes some of the financial and procurement barriers to introducing innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital product

Project overview

The HIN is continuing to support the following themes through the 2020/21 ITP programme:

  • Placental growth factor (PIGF)based tests to help rule out pre-eclampsia quickly so that pregnant women receive the most appropriate care
  • HeartFlow FFRCT– analysis which creates a 3D model of the coronary arteries to help clinicians to rapidly diagnose patients with suspected coronary artery disease from coronary CT angiography
  • gammaCore – non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation therapy for the treatment of cluster migraine
  • SpaceOAR– an absorbable spacer to reduce rectum radiation exposure during prostate radiation therapy
  • Non-Injectable Arterial Connector– an arterial connecting system to reduce bacterial contamination and the accidental administration of medication
  • Plus Sutures– a new type of surgical suture that reduces the rate of Surgical Site Infection (SSI)
  • SecurAcath is a device to secure catheters for patients with a peripherally inserted central catheter
  • Endocuff Vision– a medical device which attaches to the distal end of an endoscope and improves colorectal examination for patients undergoing bowel cancer tests

The Innovation Technology Payment programme (ITP) – concluded on 31 March 2021, and there is no further central funding for these technologies.

As of April 1st 2021, the HIN will be supporting the adoption of Placental growth (PlGF) based tests, HeartFlow FFRCT, gammaCore and SecurAcath through the newly launched MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM).


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