XprESS multi-sinus dilation system

Sinusitis is swelling and inflammation of the tissues inside the head and nose, usually caused by infection or growths. Treatment with the XprESS system leads to rapid and sustained improvement in symptoms, fewer acute episodes and improved quality of life. This has the potential to reduce the tissue lost compared to traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) procedures. NICE guidance MTG30.

Project overview

Treatment options for people living with uncomplicated chronic sinusitis, or repeat episodes of acute sinusitis, is typically limited to surgery and treatment with antibiotics.

The XprESS multi-sinus dilation system offers an alternative treatment. It uses a special balloon which is inserted through the nose and inflated, helping to widen sinuses and relieve symptoms of sinusitis. The treatment is particularly effective with patient groups who suffer from more than three episodes of acute sinusitis a year, and is the sole treatment for patients suffering from barotrauma.

Our aim is to support providers to secure funding for the on-going use of this technology through the MedTech Funding Mandate policy, and to support providers who are thinking of implementing its use within their setting.

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