Learnings from FetaLink Implementation at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Further resources

Background information

ICHT FetaLink Case Study

This case study provides an overview of the FetaLink implementation project in the ICHT labour wards, including the background, implementation overview, key benefits and lessons learnt.

ICHT FetaLink benefit review

This benefit review was undertaken 18 months after deployment to ascertain the key benefits realised by the FetaLink implementation.



FetaLink testing scripts

This document contains the testing scripts used to test the FetaLink software before deployment.



Training briefing paper

This briefing paper outlines the training plan, including aims/objectives, timeline, potential risks and issues and the training recommendation.


Classroom training script

This document contains a detailed breakdown of the topics covered in the classroom training session for the clinical staff who would be using FetaLink. It contains instructions for the trainer and essential points to be covered.


FetaLink user guide

This is a detailed user guide aimed at clinicians using FetaLink, that can be used for training or as a refresher.


Quick reference guides

These guides are attached to all the computers running FetaLink to assist clinicians with logging or, switching user and associating the patient to the device.